Wellness Osteopathy

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We are currently at COVID Alert Level 1.  If there are any cold or flu-like symptoms I cannot see you, stay home and seek medical advice or local COVID testing. Healthline 0800 358 5453.




Registered osteopath and ACC treatment provider.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any specific questions you'd like to chat over first.



Osteopathy provides hands-on treatment to assist with a variety of common musculoskeletal complaints. Don't let aches and pains drag you down, let me help your:

low back ache


neck pain


shoulder pain

hip pain

muscle and postural tension

pregnancy-related aches and pains

pain and stiffness associated with arthritis

may assist babies with positioning for wry neck and flattened heads, may help the musculoskeletal component of feeding difficulties & unsettled tummy's